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First Time Gardener - Preparing Soil For Planting

10 years ago

Hey everyone,

So last fall I plotted out a good sunny area to put my garden in, I put newspaper down and then made a barrier with some large stones that I had to smother the grass and other plants that were growing in that area.

So now I'm wondering what I should do to prepare my garden area for planting when Spring comes. My initial plan was to just buy some compost and make it equal in height to the rocks that I placed around the garden area but I've read that planting in only compost is generally a bad idea.

Also I didn't do anything with the sod underneath the newspaper because I assumed that the plants there would all die and join the soil but now I'm concerned with roots and other things like that.

Right now I'm thinking that I'll use a small amount of compost (a few inches) on top of the newspaper area and then just mix it into the soil with a shovel but I'm open to opinions and advice :)

Let me know what you think, thanks a bunch.

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