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Garage - Greenhouse Conversion

14 years ago

Greetings all ... I am kicking around the idea for a greenhouse project that I'd love your collective input on. I need a GH; I need storage. Our HOA is very restrictive and not interested in small outbuildings or poly structures being on the property. As a compromise I'm planning on a ~400 sq ft garage, heavily windowed on the north and east with skylights to augment. I'll do a full on concrete foundation with drainage and the exterior will be stucco and composition shingles. Aside from general suggestions, anyone with experience might help with:

- best skylights for this purpose. I've looked at 2X4' standard, simple units for ease of replacement later.

- Ventilation. I'm looking at powered vents similar to what you would normally vent the attic with. Concerned that this may be insufficient with all of the windows

- About 1/3 (west side) of the structure will need to house equipment (mower, edger, tiller, etc) for the rest of my outdoor projects. Any specific concerns here.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you may have. Aside from the expense, Im really looking forward to getting started. Will post updates as the project progresses.

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