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How do you handle a 'suckering' shrub?

We planted a Cornus racemosa on someone's recommendation and thought we did all our research, but now discover that although it is working out quite well in many respects, the suckering tendency of this shrub is starting to concern us. It has only been in the ground 2 years and it is already about 7ft x 7ft in size, from about a 2 gallon container. Really took off. This year I notice new branches sticking straight up about a foot away from the original trunk in the back and a few smaller ones in the front.

We don't think the back will be a problem, but with other plant material in the front and on the sides, it is going to present a problem. What is the best way for us to deal with this problem? If we start just cutting them back, won't that just spur more growth? I thought a 'suckering' shrub was one that gradually increased in size at the base getting wider and wider. Oh well...I just want to keep it under control with as little work as possible and not do anything that is going to make it sucker more. [g]



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