HFGH foundation help

14 years ago

Our 10X12 HFGH is arriving this week. I've looked at many of the suggested modifications, but haven't found information on the kind of foundation

I was thinking of. Last time we had a greenhouse (just wood and plastic,

only lasted one year) it was on a foundation of concrete pier blocks, 4X6's attached to those, then a deck made of 2X6 on top. The wood floor was

about a foot off the ground. It was quite a bit of work, though, and I'm

shorter on time this year.

Which would be more practical - a 2X6 pressure treated box perimeter,

or should I go with something more substantial? We live in the Pacific

Northwest, on the coast, so we have hard clay soil, and strong seasonal

winds. My wife doesn't like pressure treated lumber, so if there's another

way, I'd like to use it.

Has anyone used the cement/soil/gravel mix to make a base? I used that

for a garden path several years ago, and it's holding up just fine. It was hard

on my back too though, so any suggestions for an easier (but effective) way

would be appreciated. I was thinking of making forms around the perimeter,

6" high, 11'X13', then mixing cement/soil (maybe gravel?) and filling in with

that mix, so I'd have a level, hard floor a few inches above ground level. Not sure how I'd attach the frame yet, suggestions welcome. Or maybe I could use Laserfan's system adapted to use with the cement/soil mix, using 4X4 beams made from recycled car interiors.

Laserfan's system:

Thanks. C

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