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Small Tree / Large Shrub Speciman for Front Yard

14 years ago

Previous owners planted a Purpleleaf Sandcherry as the premier front yard plant right off the front door. Looking to replace it next spring.

Any suggestions for a small tree or large shrub that can be limbed up? Season long beauty would be number one goal, but could be as simple as good bright clean foilage year long, like a Magnolia.

Some of my choices may be too large, but if I can contain them since they are so slow growing it may be worthwhile. Could make a 10' X 10" plant work.

Coincidently this is my best spot in my yard. Gets sun from 6am till about 1pm during the growing season (zone 5a, Milwaukee area).

Protected from west and north winds.

Choices so far...

Leonard Messel Magnolia

Blackhaw Viburnum (McRouge or Summer Magic)

Eastern Redbud (Columbus Strain)

Pagoda Dogwood

White Fringe Tree

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