I am the proud mama of a 10x12 HFGH

13 years ago

YES, it's true, it has finally been errected...of course my camera isnt' working now..go I cant post any finished product pictures at the moment...but I'm working on getting a new camera. And when I do...I'll be showing you all.

Many of you were aware of the obstacles I had faced in getting this thing going, and then keeping it going over the last several months....But my dear neighbor came through for me and really helped me out. He is retired and had time on his hands...all the while he was telling me that he really enjoyed doing it...I'll be forever grateful to him for his generosity and kindness.

So, now it is finally complete. (ok, well I know it's not really complete) there are no plants in benches, tables, shelves or heaters, no fans or lights, not one single thermometer and oh ya, nothing on the floor ;) has 4 walls, 2 working doors, and a roof....And I'm jazzed....

I know that now I must switch gears and figure out all the ins and outs of heating, cooling, humidity, etc etc....

But I've so glad to have it all together. And many many thanks to all of you out there who were most kind and generous with your advice and help. I appreciate you all.

More updates and pictures to come.

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