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Rose Rosette Disease Summit April 15 - 16

10 years ago

Did anyone here attend?

"A two-day national Rose Rosette Disease Summit was held April 15-16 in Newark with researchers from across the country meeting to discuss the disease and plans for future research.

Rose rosette disease (RRD) is caused by the rose rosette virus, carried by a tiny eriophyid mite.

The summit was organized by Tom Evans, professor in the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences at the University of Delaware, and Michael Dobres of the Conard-Pyle Company, and sponsored by the All-America Rose Selections and the Garden Rose Council, Inc.

The conference included a talk given by Nancy Gregory, of UDâÂÂs Cooperative Extension, on occurrence and mapping of the disease. RRD has been seen in Mid-Atlantic States since approximately 2001, originally observed on multiflora rose in the landscape. In recent years, RRD has been identified on cultivated roses, including Knockout rose, and has also been identified in public gardens.

University scientists, plant breeders, Cooperative Extension personnel, USDA representatives, private consultants, and rose growers discussed the need for good diagnostic tools, accurate mapping, cultural controls, as well as breeding for resistance. Current control strategies include keeping roses in good vigor, pruning, mite control, and cultural controls such as reducing water on leaves."

Here is a link that might be useful: link for above

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