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raised bed 4 asparagus, rhubarb, strawberries

16 years ago

Today I am going to build a raised bed for each of these plants. The bed for the asparagus and rhubarb will be the same one, strawberries will be in another bed. I am trying to figure out what to fill these beds with. The strawberry bed will be smaller so I am not to worried about that one. However the other one will be huge so don't really want to used bagged soil in that one. It would cost me a major fortune. So if you were building a bed like this, and don't plan on planting for another month or so, what would you lay in there. I have access to horse stall waste, leaves, straw, and hope to get a truck load of compost from the county compost place. If I remember right from my Grandparents they were heavy feeders? Not my Grandparents the plants :)

I also posted this in the vegetable forum. Was not real sure who to ask.

Thanks for your help.


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