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hybrid Instant Lasagna Bed?

15 years ago

OK. I like the Instant Bed idea for creating a Lasagna bed. However, I wonder if I could make a *Hybrid Instant Lasagna bed*?

1. Lay down the cardboard and wet it thoroughly

2. Use a sod cutter to cut sod from the paths and flip that onto the cardboard, grass side down (3" depth cut)

3. Add 1-2" layer of coffee grounds

4. Add a layer of shredded newspaper....1/4" deep, max

5. Add 2-3" layer of compost

6. Mulch with grass clippings

Does this sound right? I have access to plenty of coffee grounds and compost, as well as newspapers and cardboard. I realize the newspaper will mat down, hence my plan to shred it.

Do I need manure or something to increase fertility?


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