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Didn't want to hijack the 'Underused Perennials' thread....

13 years ago

For those more familiar with gardening plants than I, I was hoping for some suggestions.

North face of my house, mostly shade, maybe slight morning sunshine.

Currently, I have Annabelle Hydrangea and a Common Witch Hazel shrub being the only height on the north wall. The rest is filled in with cookie cutter hostas.

I'd like to add plants with height, and maybe plants less common to the average gardener. It seems everyone in this city has hostas planted on the north face of their house.

Was considering the following:

Cimicifuga Racemosa - Actaea, a darker leaved variety, was it James Compton?

Goatsbeard, though unsure how much maintenance this plant requires.

I realize both of the above mentioned are slow to establish, if I remember correctly.

Scarlet Monarda (next to Annabelle, like the contrast), though the tendency to mildew makes me hesitant, and I don't know if this plant requires more sun.

Or..Persicaria "Firetail" or "Crimson Beauty"?

Our soil is somewhat clay, but good quality and existing plants grow well there. All plants are contained within a plastic border.

I prefer plants that are somewhat refined, as opposed to a cottage garden look. I have admired well designed cottage gardens, I just need more structure in my own. Does my plant list contradict this statement? I don't know, maybe it's just certain cottage plants I don't care for, or the way they're situated.

I digress...

I still have to review the compilation of the "Underused Perennials" list, which I find most interesting.

For now, any immediate suggestions?

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