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Composting advice needed for novice, thanks.

14 years ago

Here is what I have in mind now and filled out the "FAQ". Can anyone tell if it would work? Any suggestion/tip is welcome.

Not thinking "fast compost", 6-8 months is fine. Basically just pile kitchen waste with chopped leaf and shredded office paper together, add water, and can turn once or twice a week. But the area I have for composting won't be big (2x2 or 3x3, no bin). Usually chop the kitchen waste to very small pieces too.

Do I need to rotate with another "compost setup", wait for one pile to finish composting while add material to the other, or keep adding stuff to the same pile would be fine?

Thanks for your help.

# What is your zone? -- 7a

# City, Suburb or Rural? -- Suburb

# How large is your garden? -- _20x4=80 Sq. ft.

# Do you grow vegetables? -- Pepper and tomato, yard long bean, cucumber

# Do you have lawn area? -- Yes

# Do you want to recycle the yard and kitchen waste? -- Mostly kitchen waste, not lawn clippings

# Do you wish to make as much compost as possible? -- Not really, just recycle the kitchen waste into composte

# How much space do you have/wish to dedicate to your compost pile? ? ft. x ? ft. -- 3x3 (or bit lesser) I know it's small.

# Do you need a bin, or do you have plans for beds that you could use Interbay Mulch on? -- No and no interbay mulch

# How much do you want to spend on materials to build your bin? -- no bin

# Do you want a "Hot" pile (faster and more work) or a "Cold" pile (slower but easier? -- cold pile works, can turn but the pile probably won't be big enough to heat up

# Do you have any physical concerns that would make turning the pile difficult? -- No, perfectly find with the labor

# Do you wish to make Leaf Mold? -- can be, can collect city free chopped leaf mulch for composting as brown material, and shredded paper too. Not sure which would be better or just pile them on.

# Do you feel you could use a Worm Bin? -- Not really.

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