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Compost Tea recipe...Overkill?

10 years ago

Hi folks. I've been a consistent user of compost tea, paricularly the areated version with the fish pump. I'm in year 2 of my OG experience and I wonder if I'm overdoing it. Here's what I usually put in my tea recipe. In a 5gallon bucket, I apply:

compost, worm castings, bat guano, composted chicken manure..all of which are combined in a paint strainer.

In addition to that I add a cap full of feather tea, a tablespoon of kelp meal, 1/2 cup of liquid fish fertilizer (5..1..1), 2tblsp of molasses & 1/2 cup of Organic Bio-Grow liquid fertilizer. 2..0..6 and 2 tblspn of apple cider vinegar.

I brew for 2 days and apply at full strength via spray and soil feed. Am I overdoing it? What should I scale back on?

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