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How to use compost & worm poop

12 years ago

Hello there,

Thanks in advance for your advise.

Once I learned how easy it was to cold compost, I went hog wild. I have 5 plastic compost bins....Earth machines, and I have one 7 tray worm bin system.

I have used my compost only once before- as an amendment to raised planter, along with steer manure from Home Depot... which I read here is from feed lots.

Today, I took away 4 inches or so of the old topsoil from the raised planter to hopefully smooth out bumps in the lawn. Tomorrow I am going to buy 100Ibs of rabbit poop mixed with sawdust. I have aprx 60 gallons of finished compost and aprx 10- gallons of worm poop. I am a little worried about overdoing it, I suppose that not all of it is needed.

My plan is to amend the soil in our planter soon -like this weekend, and to plant in March or April so there would be a couple of months in planter for compost to finish off...

My questions....

Since Rabbit poop has sawdust in it, should I not use it at all and compost it first? Or if to add only a small ratio what %...

How should I use the compost and the castings and rabbit poop?

20% worm castings 10lbs , 40% compost 20lbs, 40% worm poop 20 lbs.... or 10% worm castings and 90% compost? or ?

Thank You,


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