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Worst place you've ever gotten a rose thorn?

Hi folks

As I was out doing my pre-pruning check in our first truly warm day of the year this weekend, I of course picked up some rose thorns in the process, even through gloves. As I was absent-mindedly chewing the thorn out of my finger it occurred to me what an awful pain it would be to get a rose thorn in my tongue in the process. Yes, it might heal quickly, as mouth injuries do, but the thought of swelling and constant irritation and interference with talking (not to mention eating) was rather daunting.

So what do you think - where's the worst place you've gotten a rose thorn (keep it clean, folks). And I DON'T mean answers like "Nebraska". Nebraska is actually quite a lovely place for rose thorns, and you're all invited to come see for yourselves any time. In my case, I'd have to say the soles of both feet, under the balls of the feet. See, I'd been pruning lots of canes that were scattered all around me, and my garden clogs were getting wet and gunky so I slipped them off ... yep, then I stepped back behind me to pick up the loppers and stepped on those canes with one foot. Of course, that made me hop like mad on the other foot without looking, right into the rest of the canes. I got most of the thorns out with a lot of language I hope my kids didn't hear, but there were some deep ones right inside my instep that took a good week to work all the way out.

What's your rose thorn horror location? I know Patrick has the worst rose thorn horror story I've ever heard, including serious hospitalization, but fortunately he recovered. As I recall it started out in the most obvious of thorn locations - the hands.

As a side question, does getting a few thorns remind you to put on your gloves, or do you figure you're a lost cause anyway so why bother? For me, if I've been whipping off my gloves for some reason (like to adjust rose ties) then I know I'm going to keep doing it, so I'm in the "lost cause" camp.


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