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Austin Tea Clipper - Pruning question

11 years ago

Late last year I posted a topic title My Tea Clipper is mean! I had purchased it in a one gallon pot in the start of the season, from Roses Unlimited. It grew four feet high, but never bloomed. It was suggested I try pegging it this year, but the canes don't seem long enough to peg. So now here is my dilemma. Should I prune it? It's canes are just over the top of my horse fence, at four feet high. I'm worried if I don't prune it, the canes will get too long, but if I do prune it perhaps being an Austin that may not like pruning it won't bloom again this year? I guess I could peg it later in the season if the canes don't get too stiff, but I'm not sure if they will since I'm new to this rose.
Suggestions anyone?

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