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Hot Compost Question

14 years ago

Hi all, I made a hot compost bin last year and used it with some success. I was never able to get the temperature over 125 F but I got some good compost out of it. This year I've started composting again (2 days ago) and am having trouble with the temperatures. 24 hours after starting the compost the temperatures got up to 115 degrees F. A day later they are down to 75 F. I turned the compost bin once to make sure it was properly aerated. The compost material is horse manure, straw and tomato plants (straw and tomato plants shredded by my lawn mower). Approximately 3/4 of the compost is the manure and the remainder is the straw and tomato plants. Any ideas as to what might be the problem.

# What is your zone? -- 8

# City, Suburb or Rural? -- Suburb

# How large is your garden? -- _600 Sq. ft.

# Do you grow vegetables? -- A larger variety of vegetables.

# Do you have lawn area? -- Yes

# Do you want to recycle the yard and kitchen waste? -- Only the yard wast - the kitchen waste goes to the chickens

# Do you wish to make as much compost as possible? -- Yes, want to make sure I have the best garden soil possible.

# How much space do you have/wish to dedicate to your compost pile? ? ft. x ? ft. -- I want to stick with the compost bin for now. May add another at a later date.

# Do you need a bin, or do you have plans for beds that you could use Interbay Mulch on? -- Have a bin no interbay mulch

# How much do you want to spend on materials to build your bin? -- Already have on

# Do you wish to make Leaf Mold? -- Don't know what leaf mold is.

# Do you feel you could use a Worm Bin? -- Not really.


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