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Warning! dont buy HFGH if you live in high wind area

16 years ago

Don't buy a Harbor Freight greenhouse if you live in a windy area.

It took me 4 days and $450.00 to build the 10'-0"x12'-0" HFGH.

I finished it 4 days ago and was concerned about how frail it looked. My concern was justified, last night the East wind blew with gusts of 70 mph.

This morning my HFGH was flat.

I live in Somis, California, near the city of Ventura.

My next weekend will be used up taking it apart and throwing it in a dumpster.

The only thing I can think I should have done is put metal fence posts on each corner and bolt the corners of the HFGH to the posts, even then the roof may still have collapsed. But now I need to clean up and buy a real greenhouse.

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