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Help! What can I do about protecting my roses when it gets hot?

11 years ago

Hello Friends

I live in the deep south,(Northern Mississippi)and it gets very hot in the spring and summer. It reaches the 80's sometimes during springtime alone. How can I protect my roses from blackspot weekly without burning them? Most fungicides do not recommend applying in hot weather, but I have no choice. I have yet to find a fungicide that is safe for hot weather. Last year I used the baking soda method, and my roses burned at the tips, even though it was early morning when I did it. Spring and summer is approaching, and I am getting scared because my 2 year old knockout roses caught blackspot really bad last season. I sprayed them with lime and oil while they were dormant a few weeks ago. I hope this helps. I thought I bought resistant bushes, but I guess not. What can I do? I purchased Serenade last week. Will that burn them? If not what other fungicide can I get to alternate with every seven days? I miss my beautiful roses.

Thanks for the help!

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