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how to get rid of! dragon fly larvae

15 years ago

So I have an abnormally large number of dragonfly larvae in my 200 gallon fancy guppy pond. My guppies have been very prolific and this last week i estimated that I had about 50 or so. However, yesterday I got home from being in Boston for 4 days, and I noticed i had significantly fewer guppies, and right off the bat I saw 4 big one - one and a half inch dragon fly larvae sitting out in the open. This leads me to believe that they are eating my guppies!

Everyone says dragon flies are good for eating mosquitoes, but we don't really have many mosquitoes where I live, and i would rather have my pretty guppies than big biting dragon flies.

And i know that the guppies didn't die from the cold (it doesn't get very cold to begin with here) because the pond is heated and never gets bellow 65 degrees, and usually its in the lower to mid 70s.

Thank you for any suggestions you might have!

and here is a pic of my pond


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