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Royal Purple Smoke Bush never blooms

16 years ago

Hi all

I have another shrub that never blooms - my Royal Purple Smoke Bush. I've had it for about 6 years. It's been moved 3 times. It's been in the current location for 2 years (this will be it's third summer). All locations get full or close to full sun. This last location is more sheltered from winter winds than the rest. It's got other shrubs and perennials around it. It has always been a very slow grower. It has never bloomed (smoked). Finally, last summer it put on a fair bit of new growth - was taller and filled out. Beautiful colour. This summer, even though our winter was very mild and short, it had a lot of winter die off and is really just growing new shoots from the bottom. I even mulched it last fall with shredded leaves thinking it would minimize die off. Am I doing something wrong? Missing something? Does anyone in Nova Scotia have luck with these (i.e., they actually grow and get larger, and bloom)? Thank you for any info.

Trish, Halifax

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