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Looking for bullfrogs or bullfrog tadpoles???

12 years ago


I've had ponds for well over 20 yrs, most of them were all concrete ones that I made. To make a long story short... we built a new house just over 2 yrs ago (after living at our old home for about 20 yrs) and I had to leave all of my bullfrogs behind. I recently finished building a pond (8ft by 12ft by 2+ft deep Firestone liner) and I'm trying to locate some bullfrogs as I have really missed having them around the past couple of years. I found 1 site that had bullfrog tadpoles but you have to buy at least 35 of them and that was $70! I don't need 35 of them, 10 would do I would think. Anyone in Central Florida wanting to get rid of a few???

Here is a link that might be useful: {{gwi:236192}}

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