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How can I trim down Overgrown Photinia Bush

10 years ago

Hello, I have a grouping of Photinia Shrubs that has grown taller than I would like. Is there a way for me to get them down to a more manageable height? Right now they are at about 8-10ft tall. There was 1 on the other side of the fence that was just misplaced, so I decided let me cut it down. I cut it down to a few stems at a height of about 18inches. I couldn't remove it completely b/c I was only using a lopper. So I figured that was it and I'd leave it at that. but this spring/summer it started to grow leaves again. Is it safe to do this to the rest of them so I can start over like the 1 I though I cut down?

I don't want to do the same thing and then nothing grow back next spring/summer. Leaving me w/10 tree stumps separating my neighbors yard and mine.

or can I just trim down the top to 6 feet? will leaves grow back there? I would like to get it down to at least 6 feet or start over. Any advice would be great.

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