what to plant in front of boxwood shrubs

10 years ago

I cross posted this question in landscaping - not sure which one is best. There is a row of approx. 3' boxwood bushes that run parallel to the deck on the front of my house. The last tenants also planted spirea bushes in front - which look very nice in contrast to the boxbushes because they are a yellow green color - but they grow too fast and are always crowding out the boxwood, so I have to prune them way back twice a year. I like the boxbushes because they grow slow and look neat up againes the deck, but I would like to plant something lowgrowing in front of them. Should I plant low bushes or perennials? I am looking for something easy to maintain like the boxwoods. Thanks for any and all suggestions. I will probably transplant the spirea to the backyard where it can go crazy.

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