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Dwarf iris for bog/pond edge? Or other dwarf plants?

11 years ago

I am rethinking my filtration bog setup. Currently, I have a bog about 7 ft x 3 ft wide, filled with small rock in which plants are planted. The bog is currently filled with Louisiana iris, a texas star hibiscus, and variegated rush.

After only a season and a half, the Louisiana is being relocated outside the pond. It fills the area nicely, but it's just too tall. Some tall is ok (hibiscus, rush) but the entire middle of the bog is filled with iris and it's just too much.

I'm looking for alternatives that don't get taller than 12-15" tall. Some flowering time is preferred, and needs to be ok to be planted in a few inches of water at all times. Are there any dwarf iris that can be submerged? Other plants you would recommend?

Thanks for all your help!


Boiling Springs, NC

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