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Can I use my regular pump/bio-filter during a MIchigan winter and

Deborah Harvey
14 years ago

Hi all,

I'm not sure if I can use my regular pump & bio-filter during the winter here in Kalamazoo MI. The family we bought the house from left the pump running all winter last year and the fish survived but the frogs did not. I replaced their pump & filter this spring. My pond is a small preformed about 120 gallons.

I've detached the hose that leads to the waterfall pond as it freezes solid, so now the filter just moves the water around.

I've tried relocating the frogs but they keep coming back. The neighbors dog ate one a couple of weeks ago and I pulled a dead one out the other day. I feel badly because I know the two that are left won't survive the winter.

Thanks for any and all your advice on the subjects.


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