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Flagstone entry in Florida

17 years ago


I've been reading all the old posts available on flagstone paths.

We have a new stamped concrete patio, in a gray slate pattern. The contractor has decided not to honor his promised walkway to match, so we are considering putting in a rough flagstone entrance walkway ourselves (instead of sueing or worse). The house pad does make a slope, so the path will either be sloping or tiered?

We are in S. Florida. The area is in full sun. The base dirt is # 1 fill. We have no problem growing grass or other vegetation near or around the stones.

Is it better to make a curved entrance? A straight one of sand is what we have now. We are in the country, we walk from the driveway (marl) to the front entrance.

I assume we would need either two or more contained (bordered) tiers or at least sides and a bottom edge? I'm thinking that sand would simply run down the slope during heavy rains.. As it does now..

I wouldn't mind an informal look with grasses growing around the stones. Weedwacking would easily control excess growth.

Right now the space is about 8' wide and 20' long, sand.

We have 11 dogs that like to lounge around in the entrance way, so I expect to have to put the stones close together to prevent excavations.

Sand base? Gravel? Both?

Can the sides be left unlined so the stones can appear to jut into the lawn casually? A relaxed but neat look is what we want.

We have never done any stonework other than my raised bed gardens using hacienda stones.

Anyone know of good sources of flagstones in Palm Beach County?


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