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Suggestions organic fertilizer for rose in south Florida, please?

9 years ago


I posted about a month ago after planting rose for the first time, bare root /grafted roses. I cut the greenery back that had grown before I planted them per the suggestions from the folks here and there is new greenery growing so I would like to fertilize them as I've read roses are heavy feeders.

I watched a video on Youtube by a gentleman that suggested the following ingredients: Chicken Meal,Fish Meal,Cotton Seed Meal & Kelp Meal ADD 4 cups of Bone Meal.

Is there an already made fertilizer for sandy soil that would be similar to this or one that might be better?

Also, I've read to fertilize or "feed" them as often as every few days or even weekly, opinions on this, please?

I'm going to plant a few more roses and a climbing one by the fence in the back, I just love these flowers and want to help the plants get what they need to bloom.

Thank you!


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