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Looking for a climber to hide v. ugly hedge

12 years ago

Now when most of my garden is in some sort of order, I started thinking what to do with particularly ugly hedge of our neighbors. I dislike the hideous thing with passion, not to mention that our neighbors are not very good in cutting it in some sort of orderly fashion, so it looks like it has been nibbled by some hedge-eating-creature. On our side we are sort of supposed to cut it to our liking (since apparently that was an agreement with the previous owner, who never ever pruned it), but on top of all other problems, for one it is not straight, so to cut it back now we have to prune it to the bare main branches, which would make it look like some half-eaten and balding disaster for years.

Since I could not come up with a good way to make it die (un)natural death, I thought that maybe I could hide it with a climber. How to do it exactly is still a bit of a question, but I was thinking about some sort of trellis/chain-link/bamboo fence and training one or two climbers on it.

The whole hedge is about 30 feet long and 8+ feet high. The grass in the picture is gone, it is one border-like garden zone there now. Hedge is on south west side, so there won't be a lot of sun on the bottom, but if the rose grows higher, it would get full sun all day long.

I was considering the following roses:

Cl. Caroline Testout (maybe too big, but is good repeater and pretty blooms?),

Zéphirine Drouhin (not sure if it is very dense and good for the fence),

Mme Alfred Carriere (I think it is too big probably, also mildew we get quite a bit here)

Cl. Mme Cécile Brunner (not sure if it will like the shade)

Alberic Barbier (maybe too big)

The roses are rather different, although eventually I would like to have at least Caroline Testout and Cecile Brunner in any case, not necessarily for this location though.

Any other suggestions are welcome also, just I would not like to do orange or violet colors. Ideally I would like something that I could make a rosy wall from (i.e. train horizontally rather low), full blooms, preferably repeat blooming, scented(optional) and not overly vigorous/thorny, so I still could prune parts of the hedge that may be sticking out.

Here is a link that might be useful: {{gwi:240502}}

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