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How much time for sulfur to take effect?

8 years ago

I have three 1000 sq ft high tunnels. I had the soil tested last fall and the pH was 8.2, so I worked 24 lbs of sulfur into the soil in each tunnel. I rototilled it in and the soil froze soon after.

Now here are our average highs and lows in the spring/summer, in degrees F. Since these are tunnels and will run a little warmer, when do you think the pH will respond?
Mar 31 15
Apr 50 30
May 65 40
June 72 50
July 78 53
August 75 51
September 66 42
October 51 30

PS: The native soil actually has a pH of 7.2. However, this area has been contaminated with wood ash. Unfortunately, it was the only sunny, well-drained area available, so I decided to build the tunnels there.

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