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Roses from Antique Rose Emporium

14 years ago

I have a question for those know about buying from ARE. I bought 'Lamarque' back in I think September and it arrived very happy. I was quite pleased. So I did not hesitate to purchase three more roses which arrived a few days ago. Specifically 'Gruss an Aachen', 'Roemer's Hip Happy' and 'Marie Pavie' plus they threw in a Knockout.

Gruss looked really bad from the moment I opened the carton. It seemed kind of small, leaves were yellowish and had lots of pale, washed out light green growth. Many of leaves just fell off straight away and more defoliation has followed since.

Now I know that sending a potted plant through the mail is difficult. But my question is why are these roses on the grumpy side whereas my order last fall looked awesome? Will they in theory recover? Has anyone else received roses from ARE that were a little less than what you expected quality wise this year?

And finally when I emailed they responded promptly that if it did not recover in three weeks they would replace it. Are they good about doing so? I don't want to lose my change to grow this rose by not acting soon enough.

Thank you.


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