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Flagstone Patio

19 years ago

IÂm having over 12,000 pounds of flagstone delivered next Friday to do a patio and walkway. I have never done this before, and in spite of all my research, I have a few questions and concerns.

The base for the patio and walkway will be approximately 2-3 of ¾ crushed gravel, and then 1 to 1 ½ inches of fill sand. My flagstone is approx. 2 thick Arizona Rosa sandstone and comes in huge slabs. Are my base materials ok? Should I use a different kind of sand or gravel? I live a little north of Sacramento, California, and we have occasional freezes in the winter, but generally I would say the weather is mild.

The only edging available at the stone yard was a 1x4 vinyl or plastic edging. I need the edging because I will generally not be digging down to set my patio, but rather the base and stone will be set on top of the ground at the level it is at now. So, between the base and the stone, I have about six inches. Should I look somewhere else for some sort of 1x6 edging? Should the top of the stone sit above the top of the edging, or flush with it?

Lastly, I read one site that recommended putting down landscape fabric between the gravel and the sand, which would allow water through but prevent the sand from washing down into the gravel over time. This makes sense to me, but most instructional sites donÂt mention it. Anybody with a recommendation here? IÂm not concerned with weeds.



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