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Would two apricot trees do well to the south of the garage?

9 years ago

Last week I asked about replacing my alpine currant bushes with better currants. I think I will plant some blackcurrants, redcurrants and/or spice currants somewhere in my yard this spring. But people suggested fruit trees, and I think I would like to plant some apricot trees next to the garage.

I chose apricot mainly because Colorado State extension says "Even if apricots don't produce fruit, they're useful in landscapes for aesthetic purposes. The glossy foliage is unequaled in plants of similar size and shape, and in the fall they add color to the landscape. They also have interesting bark."

This is Colorado near Denver. I would have to plant in my 8 foot wide strip to the south of the garage. This spot gets a lot of wind, but winds are mainly in the winter and relatively warm. We don't get as much hail in my town as other places around here. There are often late spring frosts of course and I know many years there wouldn't be a fruit crop.

These would be my only fruit trees and I would be able to baby them, water, prune as much as needed, maybe try to protect them against spring freezes.

My wishes:
1) A nice tree(s) to look at from a distance, this is a high visibility spot. Bright fall color is very much appreciated, nice flowers less important because there are plenty of crabapples, Prunus etc. around.
2) Delicious fruit when nature allows.

1) If you are going to try to grow fruit trees in my part of the country, is this spot to the south of the garage better or worse than most?
2) Would another type of fruit tree be better than apricot for my wishes?
3) If I get apricot, is a dwarf tree or standard better, considering that I will be doing plenty of pruning anyway.

Any other comments appreciated. Thank you.

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