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How do I control moisture in 'starting from seeds'?

12 years ago

This is my first time ever growing from seeds. I've created an indoor greenhouse in my cellar from odds-and-ends including rope Christmas lights. I've got about 100 4" peat pots that now contain nice, moist starting mix. I've monitored the temperature carefully and I've maintained a 74-75F temp for days and 70-71F for nights which is in keeping with Harris Seeds guidelines for Echinacea. I covered the entire assembly with lightweight plastic sheeting. Before I drop the seeds in the soil, I want to be sure about moisture and humidity. Right now the peat pots seems to be doing a good job of wicking moisture from the trays up into the soil. In the life cycle of these plants, how would you advise I keep them watered and the ambient air quality humid/dry enough? E.g., Should the plastic remain on throughout the germination stage and into the growth stage? If I remove the plastic, the temperatures will drop about 5-7F, which should still be OK for growing plants later, right?

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