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bullfrog in pond, need advice for winter

14 years ago

Just found the pond forum here, so sorry to mod's, this is a double post.

We dug a small (200gal) pond this spring, and with all the flooding we had, a juvenile male bullfrog moved into our pond. He left in late spring, we assume to breed in the creek about a football field's distance away, then came back and is still with us, "yelling" at squirrels and chipmunks if they come to close to "his pond."

My questions is, will he be smart enough to go back to the creek to brumate (hibernate)? The pond is only 16" deep and has a rigid plastic liner. We will employ a pond heater (we're buying the tetra brand rock de-icer), but that will only keep a small hole in the ice open for gas exchange. I don't think the pond is deep enough, and certainly does not offer a suitable substrate for him to brumate sucessfully.

So, if he sticks around too long in the year, what should I do? I really don't want to bring him in and brumate him myself, because hubby says if I use the fridge for that, he'll have frog legs for dinner! Plus, I don't want to remove him from his natural habitat (or, somewhat natural, seeing as it's a man-made pond). I was thinking of filling a cat litter box with dirt/mud/clay and sinking it to the bottom of the pond and hoping he'd try and use it when the time came. I could then remove it in spring, or use it to pot another lilly.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

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