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Pond in a Box - worthwhile?

13 years ago

I am considering buying a pond kit. I know squat about ponds so before I start on a huge learning curve would like advice if the kits are worth beans and how difficult it is to maintain something small. These are 25 gallon kits.

My goal is not a full pond, or even a water garden, but just a mini, moving water source for wildlife. Birds, frogs, bat skimming, toads. I don't want plants, fish, etc. The only requirements I have are shallow spots and water movement. What I am looking at are the BirdsChoice Avian Aquatics 4 level cascade kits.

I am not a believer in instant and understand the work going into set up, etc but often most "in a box" things are pure crud. Think meadow in a can. You'll never get a meadow from one.

So can anyone tell me if the kits are worth looking into or is it best for me to design and create my own from individually purchased pieces? I see many new books on pond building in my future. Thank you in advance!

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