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Making a memorial Rose Garden for my beloved mothernlaw

13 years ago

Hello everyone,

Hope you can advise and help me, I am a newbie here. My mother n law passed last week and my dh and I live 7 hours from where she will be buried. I would like very much to make a rose garden memorial area in honor of her. She loved her roses. Me I have no idea.... I do have a rose Area that is filled with knockout roses and two rose bushes that are doing fabulous for my mothers memorial area. My mother also loved her roses. I was fearful of doing roses because I thought they would be very very difficult. I haven't a clue what type of two rose bushes I planted in honor of my mother but they took off. Have gorgeous pink roses just ever blooming and still would have roses in Late November into Dec/ I am in Northern Va. Now that being said, I've tried 4 more rose bushes that never made it.

My question is I ordered a 3 framed arch, in honor of my amazing mother n law and my idea is to place in another area of my backyard with a memorial bench inside and thinking of climbing roses and rose bushes surrounding around it?? I think...????

But what Rose bushes do you suggest, What climbing roses/ and or other vines open to all options... and what rose bushes. What would you all suggest thats more no brainer roses.(besides knockouts) Does that make sense. I surely wouldnt want to do a rose garden memorial in honor of my mother n law with terrible success and this place is so my dh can go to this area and feel he is with his mother. He's in much sadness right now. I thought ... Since his mother had such a love for roses.. I just cant imagine not doing this special memorial area not surrounded by what she loved.

Where do you think I should order them from? and what types for Northern VA/ absolutley this area is in full sun!!! all day!!!! I would like to purchase 5 rose bushes, and climbing roses and or climbing vines? Fragrant would be loved. My dh would sit with his mother in her garden and they would talk for hours. So this is my idea..

Much thank you's an advance

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