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Sun Algae, How on earth do you get rid of this?

13 years ago

I am not sure what you call this, I am going to name it sun Aglae, as it is a spongy substance on the bottom on the pond, reproduces are very fast rates, and rises to the top of the pond during the hottest part of the day, then, drops back to the bottom when the heat is off the pond. It is making a real mess of my pond. It is 21 x 24, about 10 years old, very established, but I don't remember this stuff being there up until last year. Not sure if treating the pond with massive amounts of live bacteria will stop it or not. I know there are alot of people out there that are having a problem with these, there are several people in the Heart of Texas Pond Society that have also expressed concerns.

I feel if I make some sort of skimmer, it would suck the stuff in, but I want to know how to get RID of it! Between this and the great amount of snakes I have been plagued with this year, I am not enjoying this ponding season.

Any and all help from seasoned ponders is appreciated!


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