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FINALLY got my Savio Bio-Filter up! (Pics)

13 years ago

I am SO GLAD I found a wonderful ponder / pond worker to put my filter and pump together! As you may know, it was taking months. He was worth every penny and he will be available for reference for someone as clueless (esp with mechanical things) as me.

The water used to be a brilliant murky green, but about two weeks ago it became a dull murky brown. :(

It's been hooked up about an hour now, and I am so happy. The water STINKS but we expect that will change now that it's getting filtered and aerated.

He improved upon the Savio by putting PVC all the way down into the filter (like a Skippy). Savio only gives you one little macaroni-like piece of pipe at the inner top of the filter. Then he improved the oxygenation by extending PVC way out of the filter so it crashes with force into the pool-to-pond.

I can't wait until the water starts to become clearer and healthier!



The 2nd lily we ever had, this week, even in our brackish water:


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