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Seed saving with bottle gentians? Need advice

10 years ago

Hello all,

I'm a new gardener, and a new seed saver too, and I was hoping for some advice about how to save bottle gentian seed. I read some advice on another forum about stratification and I was unsure at what point in the process that should happen as it didn't seem like it was very long-term storage. But maybe I am thinking too much in terms of "plants must be sown after frost" considering this is a native and should instead be thinking about overwintering them somehow. But I'm such a novice in any case I need some detailed advice.

Advice? Basically, I have one bottle gentian now growing in my yard which I purchased as a seedling last spring and I want to do what's necessary to have more next year. Save seeds? Divide the plant now?

Thanks for your advice!

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