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Advice needed for hardy shrub in front foundation please

15 years ago

Hi folks! I have a small garden on the right side of the front foundation that has experienced several failed plantings of rododendron. The area is exposed to full sun from morning until 2-3pm. During the last drought in MD, my newly planted rododendron all died even though I'd been watering them everyday. The irrigation in the area isn't great with rain water occasionally pouring from the gap between the roof and gutter. That's something we'll have to fix but I'm not sure when. The other side of the garden with a lot of shade has three fully grown rododendrons that are more than 5' tall.

I'm seeking advice on what evergreen shrub to put on the right side. Hopefully they can be hardy, sun-tolerant, low-maintenance and grow relatively fast since I may sell the house next year. Vivid flowers and/or fruits would definitely make them more interesting. One landscaper suggested Prunus laurucerasus ÂOtto Luyken Laurel 30-36". After reading posts on this forum, I've also gotten interested in hollies (Inkberry, American, Winterberry or English). I can handle some low-level pruning (pretty much just using a hedge trimmer to shape shrubs). I'm planning to purchase from HD or Lowes so my choices will be limited.

Any recommendations?

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