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Hosta seedlings, now what do I do?

12 years ago

Well here it is August and I have all these little hosta seedlings still in pots. I did the wintersowing in containers, but got a late start on it. My previous post may give you a better time frame, I think I started them in late February. I have transplanted them into larger and seperate containers twice since this started. They vary in size, but to me they all seem too small to just plant out in the garden and let nature have it's way. I especially wonder about all the yellow ones I have. The yellows seem to be really slow growers but a few are taking nice shape, little tiny miniature hostas (leaves under 1/2 inch in length, too cute). After all this time, I don't want to end up killing them. Can I bring them inside this fall and keep them growing all winter under lights, or do they need to go dormant? I do have a shed I could put them in for some protection, no windows, no light, so not sure if this is a good idea. Or should I just bite the bullet and stick them in the ground...hoping for the best next spring? Thanks!

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