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What to mix between red chokeberries in an informal hedge?

12 years ago

I have a 30 foot long area in the side lawn about 6 feet in from the sidewalk where I would like to plant a row of shrubs. I picked up three Aronia arbutifolia 'Brilliantissima', they are 2 feet tall now. I imagine them 5-6 feet tall with bare legs, drooping over a smaller shrubs planted in between. It will be informal. The area is dry sandy soil with full sun in the side of our corner lot. The plantings will not be near the corner intersection, so no concern with traffic visability. Will use hose for irrigation. Carboard with wood chip mulch around shrubs. Will keep strip of lawn between the shrubs and sidewalk as there are gas/electric lines buried about 2 feet in from the sidewalk.

So, a drought tolerant shrub that gets maybe 3x3 that will complement the taller chokeberries...

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