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polyembrionic Mango seedling... how/when separate?

14 years ago


I am new and got into indoor gardening in the past few months.

I am growing some mangoes from seeds. The Jamaican and Mexican seeds are often polyembryonic and grow fast.

I have one seed with 4 plants growing next to each other.

I know i read some advice to kill the smaller seedlings and keep the strongest.

I was wondering if i can keep them all and separate them and pot them individually, give them as presents or exchange them.

i post some photos but they grew lusher and higher [esp the jamaican "wild" mangoes]

here are some photos and i attach the link to the picasa album,

if i want to separate them as different plants when and how should i do it?
{{gwi:245328}}From phalaenopsis+mango
{{gwi:245329}}From phalaenopsis+mango
{{gwi:245330}}From phalaenopsis+mango

here is the

album on picasa



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