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what is eating my rose bud tips??

10 years ago

I am so frustrated. I feel like I have done so much organically to prevent this. Put out nematodes, spray with garlic spray, wash my roses weekly for aphids, fertilize with alfalfa, mulch, mulch, mulch. but dang it, most my DA's are nibbled upon AGAIN just in time for the spring bloom.

I am mechanically deficient, so i'll try to get a kid to post a pic, but nibbles upon the tips of the buds, so that they open malformed. about one third is gone from the top. no obvious 'poop' from a caterpillar, don't ever see aphids on buds of this size, i have lots of ladybugs.

thrips? don't SEE them, but presume that is the culprit. HOW DO I TREAT THIS ORGANICALLY?? i don't want to resort to chemicals but i SURE am TIRED of fighting this losing battle!!

(sorry to vent, and yes I did a search, but found no answers)


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