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Identify stem next to my sunflower baby plant

Naveed Iqbal
9 years ago

This is from a topic posted before at House Plants Forum.

This is my first time growing sunflower, and I have been checking the internet for photos of how the leaves of the sunflower plant look like. I sown 4 seeds only two sprouted and third one I took out that never germinated. The long stem coming out of the soil is the main sunflower plant, the leaves look like the ones I see in Google, however just a few days ago this new stem start popping out right next to the main plant, I presumed it was either the third seed (but I never sown them so close) or it was a the main plant simply branching out at the base but what the leaves look like (too circular than oval) aren't anything I ran across on the internet, further more above those circular leaves is another stem with what looks like weed leaves. Kindly help identify what this is or is my plant normal?

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