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15 years ago

I was helping my grandmother with her plants today (re pot, water overall health check), and came across a dry Cradle from her Moses-in-the-Cradle plant. I have a cut off from it here at home but have never seen a dry cradle so I picked it off and started to look thru. I have come across what might be a seed but unlike any seed I am used to seeing. They are gray with what looks like to me a crack that runs on one side of it. Is this normal is this the seed or are they smaller or larger and I just havn't found one yet. If these are the seeds should they be soaked over night before they are planted? Also if anyone is interested (and these are the seeds)there looks to be about 15+ I will be more then happy to trade/give away email me so we can work something out.

Thanks to anyone who can help

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