Pretty in Pink or Apricot: Exceptional Roses for Hot Dry Climate

I'm creating a new garden at Humpty Dumpty House Foundation, and am hoping to select some exceptional pink and apricot roses. Thanks to a number of people here, I was introduced to some exciting options in burgundy roses, and it'll be great if the same thing happens again with the pinks and apricots, especially since my choices should be submitted on Monday. Here are my preferences:

Form: English roses and Romanticas are favored, as well as other roses that look like these.

Colors: Pinks and apricots. Cup shape preferred. Want something heartbreakingly beautiful.

Bloom: I'd rather have an exquisitely beautiful rose that blooms reasonably well, than an average looking rose that blooms nonstop. A couple of flushes a year is not enough. Neither is a continuous bloomer that rarely has more than one bloom at a time.

Conditions: Very hot dry summers with mild winters; occasional short freezes. Cool nights through most of the year. Good irrigation available. Feeding available. Sun can be filtered somewhat if need be.

Disease: We're organic, but disease is almost never an issue in roses here.

Size: Prefer long canes, but will consider all sizes.

Shrub: Not important. Don't mind awkward shape, gangly canes, thorns, as long as the blooms are exceptionally pretty.

Some I'm considering:

Carding Mill
Scepter d'Isle
Jude the Obscure
Abraham Darby

I'm not familiar with the above, other than what I've read, so any comments or suggestions will be tremendously appreciated.


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