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More confused than ever

14 years ago

Okay..I understand that quite a bit of Dr Huey rootstock is virused. Seems some places are using clones avoid that problem. Since most of the west receives roses on Dr Huey I am afraid to buy them. So what is my option? I also understand that David Austin is shipping roses on Dr Huey which means they will be virused? I was looking at Vintage Gardens website and they have some Austins available as CUSTOM ROOT..what does that mean? Also I thought if a grower such as Austin grows a rose then it is against the law for someone else to root and grow it?

So now I have no clue where or what to buy. I don't understand all this. Plus I guess I always thought that old garden roses would probably not be disease resistant. Maybe that is not right. I do understand now that some company like Jackson Perkins has a huge marketing program and they just want to sell you NEW roses. Who cares how great a rose it is.

Seems to me that maybe I should just order roses on own root like what they sell at Roses Unlimited. I am sure I am not the only one confused by all this. In a way, I wish I didn't know all this so I could buy in ignorant bliss. Hey thats a name for a new rose..Ignorant bliss. Can someone explain all this to me?

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