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Priming pot, check valve question when pump goes off

12 years ago

When doing a water change yesterday I noticed a strange thing when shutting off the pump. I use my settling chamber for water changes to isolate the water and treat it. As the pond level was down I had to stop the pump to refill the chamber. When I stopped the pump water started spitting out from the lid of the priming pot even though I had shut off the valve before the pump and the valve after the pump. I tightened the lid and started the pump, then shut it off again and priming pot did the same thing.Is this normal? When the pump is running no water spits out the lid and there are no air bubbles in the lid. Is it possible when the pump box flooded that some of the flooding was due to the priming pot? I have a check valve after the pump then a ball valve to control the flow to the waterfall box on that line. When the pump box got flooded all the water from the waterfall box had drained back through the line and the pump. The priming pot was full of water though. With the power going off shouldn't the check valve have kept the water from draining back through the lines and the pump?

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