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The Best-Laid Plans . . .

9 years ago

(Earlier tody, I posted the following on the Antique Rose Forum by mistake. I intended it for folks here who have more of an interest in grafted modern bare root roses.)

My carefully laid rose garden plans for 2013 have indeed gone awry . . .

First, I received word from Regan Nursery that several varieties I'd ordered (and paid for) had been poorly harvested by the grower. The result was half-grade plants having roots that were dug too shallowly. In compensation for the lack of root support, it was necessary to prune-back all the canes on each plant.

Regan offered customers the option of cancellation/reimbursement or a $5 reduction per plant (from $20 to $15 each). IMO, opting for the reduced price seemed rather like accepting somewhat pricey body bag-type plants without the bags. I cancelled the half-grade plant portion of my order, ordered more 'Weeping China Doll' standards, and ended the transaction owing money to Regan. (Of course I would do that . . . How else was I to cope with my disappointment?)

Then yesterday, the other shoe fell when Rosemania notified me that the grower they contract with (Star Roses) was unable to supply 4 varieties, & that they (Rosemania) were unable to locate those varieties elsewhere.

I definitely do not assign culpability here to either Regan Nursery or Rosemania -- or to any other entity, for that matter. I perceive this turn of events merely as being further evidence of the radical changes (ie, deterioration) taking place in the American rose industry.

In addition to Regan & Rosemania, I usually place annual bare root orders with 2 or 3 other vendors. For 2013, I ordered only from those two. I'm wondering if other vendors have experienced similar difficulties with their growers this season . . .

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